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If you thought crafts are just for kids, you are wrong! Crafts are like creating someting from nothing and give you an amazing sense of accomplishment! Join us in our world of On A Roll Crafts, where we are always on a roll, coming up with something new and exciting!


Introducing Mushky

Hi! My name is Mushky, and I am the face behind Thank you for visiting my website.

As a young girl I often had a hard time throwing out things other people would refer to as junk. To me, these items were treasures, holding promises of long afternoons spent surrounded by glue and scissors, creating projects and collages completely unrecognizable from the “junk” they were made of. My mother would say "I never saw a girl with more junk drawers than clothing drawers.”

But as I grew, so did my collections. Button collections, duct tape collections, paint collections and so many more. Ever since I discovered the wonders of crafts,  I decided not to keep it all to myself, but share it with others.

Hope you enjoy!

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