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DIY Get Well Card

Every season has its pros and cons. We love Fall for the beautiful Autumn colors, and cool breeze, but cold season - we can do without;). If someone you know is sick, cheer them up with this adorable tissue pop up card: Did you know visiting someone who is sick takes away — / of their illness?

  • 2 card-stock papers

  • 1 decorative paper

  • 1 tissue

  • Scissor

  • Glue

  • Bandaid

  • Markers

  • Stickers - optional


Step 1: fold 1 paper in half

Step 2: cut two slits in the paper apox. 2 inches long

Step 3: pop out the rectangle to form a pop up

Step 4: cover the rectangle with a different color paper

Step 5: cut a slit on the top of the rectangle

Step 6: place a tissue in inside the slit to resemble a tissue box

Step 6: place the bandaid on the paper and draw hands, legs, and a smile to cheer up your friends!

Step 7: write, “Get Well” and decorate!

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