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There is a bit of time before our kitchen gets turned over into a Pesach tin foil spaceship, but why not have some fun with this shiny flexible material.


  • 1-2 pieces of tin foil

  • scissor

  • candle holder (optional)

Step 1: Cut a few slits into your tin foil sheet. 1 slit on the bottom middle and 2 slits on the top. Step 2: Roll both sides gently toward the center like rolling a torah scroll Step 3: Round the middle section on the top to form a round head Step 4: Form your flexible figure into whatever pose you desire Step 5: You can use the candle holder to form a hat or skirt etc Step 6: Get creative with extra pieces of foil Step 7: Subscribe to “onalrollcrafts” on youtube for more awesome content!

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